Where does water come from?

Bringing back water from the pump

For the entire month of August in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Nico’s family (Alex, Luis and Nico) left their life in the very big, loud, vibrant and magical city of New York for the very big, loud, vibrant and magical woods of Maine.

This trip is central to our lives as individuals and as a family for a bunch of reasons. Its a radical shift from how we live at home. It reminds us that we can create real family that we keep central in our lives out of mutual respect and love. And it gives us balance – we are able to feel really thankful for our city, our home.

Below are three of the things that were profound experiences for all of us last summer in the woods. I don’t use the word “unschooling” in this post until close to the end, but for us it is all about unschooling. “Life is all you need to learn all you need to live.” Continue reading